Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cute and Casual

Cute and Casual: these are the two words I live by in the summer. 

This outfit perfectly embodies that. A basic grey tank paired with boyfriend jeans is a must when wanting to look put together but not too flashy. Adding a baseball cap and layered necklaces gives this outfit a new perspective and elevates it to summer street style.

My Outfit: Tank top- Aeropostale; Jeans-Gap; Necklace-Boutique; Baseball cap-from my Grandpa

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Trip To: Harry Potter Studio Tour London, England

This was my favorite exhibit I saw in London. I absolutely love Harry Potter and I didn't think we would be able to go to the studio tour but our professor wanted to check it out and about half of the group we went with wanted to as well. Therefore we all bought tickets and went! I will admit I almost cried when I first saw the studio because of all the history it has, growing up with the movies and books, and all the magic that was made there (pun intended)!

Harry's bedroom

Dinning Hall

Gryffindor outfits

 Sorting Hat


Professor Snape


Professor McGonagall 

Golden Snitch!

Hermione's beautiful dress!!! My favorite item of the whole tour!

Fleur's outfit

Harry and Voldemort's clothes

Gryffindor bedrooms

Gryffindor common room

Invisibility cloak

Costumes from the last movie!

A few costumes from the movies

Dumbledore's Phoenix Stairway

Hermione's time-turner necklace

Dumbledore's office

Door to the Chamber of Secrets 

One of many moving staircases


Hagrid's house

Production used green screen to animate moving pictures in the frames

Fred and George Weasley's outfits

Clock in Weasley's house to tell where everyone is

Black family tapestry 

Ministry of Magic

Several of Dolores Umbridge's pink clothes. I learned that her pink clothing darkened as the movie progressed as she became more evil!

Platform 9 3/4!!!
Hogwarts Express


Costumes from the last movie

Knight Bus

4 Privet Drive

Wooden Bridge that connects to Hogwarts

Chess pieces from the first movie

Flying car

Hagrid's ride





Diagon Alley 

At the very end there was a replica of Hogwarts. I was in awe of this. I honestly felt at home when I saw it and I spent a long time looking at it and taking every angle in. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was and I did not want to walk away. 

Comment if you have been to the studios tour or if you are a big Harry Potter fan!!