Monday, July 6, 2015


Ohhh my favorite city. I have been to Chicago six or seven times now and I always find new things to do here. My sister and I went by ourselves and we met one of our best friends from college there. We all explored the city and it was one of the best memories I have from the summer so far! Here is a look at what we did during our trip!

Of course we had to visit the classic Bean! 

The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup! We watched the game on television and it was my first time watching hockey and they won!! I can now say I am a Hawks fan and now I really want a baseball cap with their logo on it :)

I also went to my first Chicago Cubs baseball game! Even though they lost, we still had a blast!

Blackhawks showed up with the Stanley Cup!

Cynthia Rowley (a famous fashion designer) threw the first ball!!

We visited Buckingham Fountain and it was so BEAUTIFUL!

I have always wanted to visit Dylan's Candy Bar and they finally opened one in Chicago! I got a little container filled with yummy sweets and my favorite were the chocolate OMG's. They are graham crackers and other stuff covered in chocolate, ummm yes please! Dylan is Ralph Lauren's daughter and he is my all time favorite designer so of course I loved this place!

Then we went to Shed Aquarium and we saw several cool animals. This frog, I believe, is very poisonous but he is very cute!

Glittery piranhas

We also took a trip to Wisconsin and visited the Jelly Belly Factory. I never knew how many different jelly bean flavors there actually were!

Now the best part of the trip: THE FOOD!!!!!!

 My friend's dad made very yummy Mickey Mouse pancakes!



This was one of my favorite trips to Chicago and I can't wait to go back! I highly recommend visiting this lovely city if you haven't already! Thank you to Anna and her family for letting me and my sister stay with you! You guys are awesome :)

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