Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tommy Girl

 My Outfit: Sweatshirt-Thrifted; Skirt-Thrifted; Tights-Old Navy; Boots-Thrifted; Necklace-Etsy


My good friend Emma properly introduced me to Tommy Hilfiger. When I say properly, I mean she showed me his aesthetic and all the pieces she loves that he created (not that I had never heard of him before) and I kept wanting more. For her birthday I got her a Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt because she wanted to be a "Tommy Girl." After that, I continued to look for one for myself and stumbled upon it at a local Goodwill. I was beyond thrilled! We are now both honorary "Tommy Girls" and I am happy to share this new love for this designer with one of my best friends!

I paired my sweatshirt with an A-line skirt, burgundy tights, and cut-out booties. My outfit reminds me of a prep school uniform and I kind like that! I will now embrace my Chilton way of life :)

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