Friday, June 26, 2015


It's all in the details...

This necklaces correlates so well with the movie!

Can you see all the sparkles??

My Outfit: Top-Target; Shorts-Thrifted; Sandals-Target; Longer necklace- Maurices; Shorter necklace-Walt Disney World

If you can't tell by this post I recently went to see the newest Cinderella movie. I have to say this was one of my favorite renditions yet. I love how the characters had British accents, I mean who doesn't? The costumes were magical and magnificent, especially the blue dress with butterflies Cinderella wore to the ball. I also liked the modern take on the glass slipper and I think I need to find some to add to my shoe collection! All the glitter and magic from the fairytale inspired me to create this outfit. I wore a classic black peplum top and paired it with white sparkly shorts. Of course I had to pair it with layered necklaces including this beautiful clock, shoe, and pearl one from Walt Disney World. My shoes are no glass slippers but they are my go to silver sandals that I feel like I wear oh so often!

Let me know if you have seen this movie and what you thought of it!

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