Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Copy That: Sabrina Carpenter "Eyes Wide Open" music video makeup

"I keep my eyes wide open/Bless this ground unbroken/I'm about to make my way/Heaven help me keep my faith/My eyes wide open"

"This dream burns inside of me/And I can't just let it go" 

Sabrina Carpenter has a unique and old style sounding voice. She mentions this in a few of her songs including "Eyes Wide Open." I love the meaning of this song:to not forget where you came from but to always move forward. Above are my favorite lyrics from the song.
To watch the video click here:

When I watched the music video I fell in love  with her outfit and her makeup. I wanted to recreate her makeup and thus created my new series COPY THAT where I show you how to copy celebrity outfits and makeup!

Step 1

My favorite makeup palettes are "The Nudes" palettes from Maybelline. For this makeup recreation, I used the eye shadow stared above from the Rock Nudes palette. The eye shadow is a sparkly gold color with a silver undertone. 

 Step 2:

The next step is to use the stared eye shadow from the Nudes palette. It has more of a gold color so I dabbed it on top of the other eye shadow. 

Step 3: 

Sabrina was seen in the video wearing a winged eye liner. To add more sparkle to the look, I chose to wear a Glitter eye liner from NYC. 

Step 5: 

To complete the look, fill in your eyebrow!

It's perfect for a night out on the town or a concert. Hope you all enjoyed and try out the look!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I have recently been collecting superhero t-shirts. 
My first one is the Flash. My sister gave this to me for my birthday and she also got me hooked on the show! I love all of the characters on the show, especially Barry Allen. Grant Gustin was on Glee, enough said. 
 Also I grew up watching Disney Channel, like every other kid, and I remember watching movies with Danielle Panabaker especially Read it and Weep
I really enjoy the story line of The Flash with all the love triangles and all of the different meta-human surprises, Cisco's funny jokes, and how all the Superhero shows seem to links to one another. 

For The Flash t-shirt, I paired it with a button down jean skirt and black booties. I kept the outfit simple to let the t-shirt stand out. 

My second t-shirt is Supergirl!! 
I watch this show with my sister and my dad. We all love the show. I knew of Melissa Benoist from Glee, I'm thinking all of Glee's characters will have their own Superhero show eventually :). I obviously look at the clothes when I watch the show and one dress in particular I loved was the green dress Kara wore to one of Catco's events.  

For my Supergirl t-shirt, I paired it with an army green jacket that has eyelet details on the side panels. Boyfriend jeans and converse help pull together this causal and comfortable look.

My third shirt is the Avengers. I love these movies and I love how all of their stories connect, this theme is starting to have a pattern. My favorite superhero from the Avengers is Captain America. I love his costume and I love the decade he originally came from. I also like Black Widow because Scarlett Johansson can do no wrong. 

I tied the end of the t-shirt into a knot to give it some shape. Then I paired it with black jeans and white converse. This is a simple and classic outfit I would probably wear to watch the movie in!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

That '70s Show

When I wore this outfit, my sister commented and said it reminded her of something Jackie would wear on That '70s Show. She is probably my favorite character on the show because she loves clothes and cares about her appearance, plus she is hilarious and gets to date Kelso (aka Ashton Kutcher, what a shame). 

These bomber types of vests were really popular in the fall and the weather has started to warm up so I thought might as well wear it again. I paired it with a maroon long sleeve shirt to compliment the brown in the vest. For jeans of course I had to wear my flared dark wash jeans (they are so '70s). The boots I wore are my usual, however, I do wish I had a black pair that had more of a heel because I feel like that would have looked better, but I worked with what I had.

Hope you had a great Tuesday :)

My Outfit: Vest-Meijer; Maroon shirt-Forever 21; Jeans-Thrifted; Boots-Target