Thursday, December 31, 2015

Now Trending: Glitter Hair

I recently saw this hair style on a morning talk show and I just had to recreate it! It is perfect for a night out on the town or a New Year's Eve party :) It definitely gives your outfit an unexpected and unique touch. 

All you need is:

-Hair Gel (I didn't have any hair gel so I used Petroleum Jelly. Just to warn you, it kind of makes your hair a little greasy looking)

From there you take the hair gel/petroleum jelly and spread it on your hair using your fingers and then sprinkle the glitter in the palm of your hand. Using your other hand, sprinkle it on your head and voila! It's that simple :) 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

{Blogmas 12.22.15}


"Fa La La La La Y'all!" 
Another Christmas sweater :) I just love them! I purchased this one at work during the summer for only (drum roll please) $0.99! Couldn't pass it up and I got one for my mom and sister so we can all wear them together. Can't wait for that! 

On the other hand, only 3 days till Christmas!! I'm excited for it, but I love the build up and I hate when it is December 26th because that means all the decorations come down soon :(

My Outfit: Sweater-Aeropostale

Sunday, December 20, 2015

{Blogmas 12.20.15}

Today was a lazy day. I went to church, ran some errands, and then played with my dog. I left for work in the afternoon, and today was my first day back since Thanksgiving break. I was a little nervous but it was a good night at work! For those who don't know I work in retail- Aeropostale to be specific. I like the store, the merchandise, and the people I work with! It can be hard work but I like it :)

In other news, I started an Instagram page for my blog, so check it out :P

Friday, December 18, 2015

{Blogmas 12.18.15}

Gingerbread house making!

Step 1: Buy the kit

Step 2: Put the structure of the house together using frosting

Step 3: Add candy decorations

The front of the house
(my mom and I decorated it)

The back of the house
(my dad and sister decorated it)

This gingerbread house was very fun to make but it kept falling apart when we were decorating! Plus we kind of bit off the arm of the gingerbread and it did not taste good at all.

Well that only proves homemade gingerbread is the best!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

{Blogmas 12.17.15}

Lipstick is a simple and classy way to change up my everyday makeup routine. It makes me look mature and pulls my whole outfit together.

I recently purchased this Revlon Lipstick called "Plum Baby" number 467 and I love it. I couldn't choose between a brown color or a purple color and I am happy I went with the purple.  Although, it really isn't a definite purple, more of a mix between brown and purple.

This color is perfect for the winter time! It adds depth to my makeup look and is unexpected, for me anyways, because I normally just wear chap-stick.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

{Blogmas 12.16.15}

A Day In My Life:

Today I went to my local mall with my sister and we had so much fun!

First, we went to Target (aka my fav store)! I haven't been there in ages so it was nice to just walk around and look at everything. 

Then we went to a local boutique and book store. After that we headed to the mall. We went to Forever 21 and I styled a few outfits for fun and we took pictures :)

Next, we went on a hunt for these flat circle earrings for my sister. It took forever but we finally found them! 

 I treated myself to some good breadsticks at the mall Food Court for lunch!

After that, we went to PetSmart in search of peanut butter cookies for my dog. Then we went to Plato's Closet and finally returned home!

I bought this mug at Micheal's craft store!

We made Jambalaya for dinner and now I am watching Elf and The Polar Express!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

{Blogmas 12.15.15}


Ugly Christmas Sweater #1

I just LOVE this time of year! People are in a giving mood, the house is warm from making cookies, and my family and I have been watching movies almost every night :) It makes my heart happy.

I have no idea where I bought this sweater, and that is unusual for me. I always remember where I bought something and events that happened that day as well. It brings back great memories for me to think about that when I am wearing an outfit. However, it also is a terrible thing because I get emotionally attached and sentimental when it's time to get rid of clothes.

Hope everyone had a great day!

Monday, December 14, 2015

{Blogmas 12.14.15}

Hi guys! So I have skipped a few days of Blogmas! (cue the monkey covering its eyes emoji) I feel really bad but since coming home for break, I have been so busy/lazy and I have not been wanting to post. But don't worry, I will have posts planned for this week! 

Today, I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a whole bunch of clothes! I feel good about it, but now I feel like I should go and buy all new clothes to replace the old ones. I also cooked and worked on blog stuff and ran some errands. Speaking of blog stuff, you guys should check out my Instagram page: SimplySamStyle

This evening, I painted my nails and watched the new CBS show Supergirl with my family! It is our new obsession.

Hope you all had a great evening!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

{Blogmas 12.12.15}

I made it home! Finals are over! Now I can relax with my family and enjoy life!

Here are a few pictures of our holiday decorations including our Christmas Tree :)


Thursday, December 10, 2015

{Blogmas 12.10.15}

Dear Santa,

I want everyone to be happy this Christmas. I want them to spend the holiday season with family and loved ones. I hope everyone has good health this month and next year. I hope everyone is safe and grows this season. I hope people give, not to just their family and friends, but also to those who do not have as much.  I hope people forgive those who have wronged them and make amends this holiday season. I just hope the world can be happy, not just for one day, but for the rest of time.



Wednesday, December 9, 2015

{Blogmas 12.9.15}

Today was the first day I actually dressed in clothes that were not sweatpants/sweatshirts and did my makeup.It felt wonderful! I am one who likes to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts only in the evening at home or on the weekend. Around campus when I dress in sweatpants, my friends have a hard time recognizing me because I am not in my "stylish" attire. I find it nice to let my face breathe without makeup and to look like a bum every now and then. It shows I am human and am not perfect. Also, sweatpants can be way comfier than what I normally wear. However, tomorrow I have two finals and Friday I am traveling back home, so sweatpants it is for the rest of the week! 

My Outfit: Vest-Old Navy; Shirt-Boutique; Jeans-Thrifted

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

{Blogmas 12.8.15}


You know, it is December 8th and it feels like fall. Where is the snow? The cold weather? Come on mother nature!! 

That was my little rant for the day! Well today is just a lazy day for me. I don't have a final so I'm just studying and taking lots of breaks :) 

I can tell the squirrels are ready for winter because they are stocking up on nuts and they are getting a lot larger than they normally are. I can't wait to go home for Christmas and eat a lot of cookies and then go into hibernation (a.k.a. sleep for days).  

My outfit today is very cozy with an over-sized sweater and velvet leggings. To jazz it up I added a statement necklace and my tan boots.

Outfit Details: Sweater-Forever 21; Leggings-Kohl's; Boots-Rock & Candy; Necklace-Forever 21